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AEG has solved many difficult remediation problems that were attempted by other engineering firms.  We have done this by taking the time to understand the actual problem and by being flexible with the solutions that we use in the remediation design.  As an example, the Aviation facility referenced below had been studied by another engineering company for over five years, with no progress toward remediation.  When we got involved, we immediately began to test various remediation approaches.  Once we found an approach that was successful, we were able to design a complete remediation and monitoring program using that approach and were able to completely close the site within three years. Another project example was that we were able to design and install a system to remove No. 6 heavy oil from the ground.  This system removed more than 5,000 gallons of that oil, and we were able to permit the facility so that they could burn the oil in their boilers.  Our approach saved the client over $2,000,000 compared to a remedial approach provided in a competing proposal.

Groundwater Investigation and Cleanup: Aviation Facility, Beverly, MA

Major Fuel Oil Spill:  Bristol, RI

Brownfields/Redevelopment Projects: Mill Building, Cumberland, RI

Remediation Design: Industrial Property, Johnston, RI

Emergency Response: Ryan Avenue, Cumberland, RI

Wastewater Treatment: Optical Manufacturer, RI

Large Scale Cleanup of Underground Bunker Oil ReleaseTextile Mill, Woonsocket, RI

Landfill Closures:  Former Industrial Landfill, Fiskeville, RI