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Mill Building, Cumberland, RI

AEG completed a Site Investigation Report (SIR) in Cumberland, Rhode Island. A RIPDES permit application was submitted to the RIDEM Office of Water Resources, Permit Division, for the discharge of treated groundwater to the Blackstone River. Between Under the RIPDES permit, a groundwater pump and treatment system was completed. A total fluids extraction pump was utilized to create an area of groundwater depression to recover the free product from an area extending under the two buildings. The pumped product and water was recovered in an oil/water separator. The product was removed and stored in a holding tank and the water was pumped through a carbon treatment system for discharge into the Blackstone River. With the completion of environmental work at this property, restoration is now underway for the former mill building. This renovation will bring an old property back to life in the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. The town, state and region have all benefited from the project.