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Dec 19 2012

Alliance Called in for Oil Spill Clean-up!

Posted on December 19, 2012 by

We would like to take a moment to keep you updated as to what we have been up to. Alliance Environmental has been very busy with some very difficult issues, and we enjoy every minute!

While this picture appears innocent enough, don’t believe what you think you see! Back in December 2011, Alliance Environmental was called in to clean up an oil spill that occurred at a Rhode Island residence. The spill was the result of an attempt to fill an above ground storage tank (AST) located in the basement of the home. However, the oil never made it in to the tank – it was accidentally poured directly into the basement! The oil then entered the subsurface through an expansion joint between the foundation wall and the floor. The level of difficulty of this cleanup was compounded by the fact that the spill was located in the basement which provided limited access to actually clean up the approximately 300 gallons of oil released!

In order to completely remove all impact, several engineering controls were required including the installation of nine permanent resistance piers under the foundation footing. The piers allowed AEG to support the home while removing the impacted soils beneath the foundation footing walls. In addition to the piers, AEG engineered a tempera support beam that spanned the length of the basement to support the home while removing impacted soils that were also found beneath one of the home’s central support columns. The column was also removed.

What’s worse is that the soil impacts were not limited to just the basement! Impacts were also found outside the home as well as beneath the attached garage. The outside clean-up activities included the demolition of the garage entryway, relocation of the underground water and electrical utilities, removal of the garage foundation slab and the demolition of a set of blue stone steps. Alliance was able to complete these tasks without interrupting the use of the home. Removal of the soils was achieved by physically digging and removing the soils via a conveyor, soil vactoring and the use of several different sized backhoes and excavators.




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